Release: New core 21 v.0.0.18 with support for Nvidia drivers 375.57+

We are pleased to announce the release of core 21 v0.0.18 to full FAH. The updated core will be pushed out automatically for both windows and linux donors over the next week as projects are updated to require this min-core-version.

This release contains a workaround for a change made in the NVIDIA OpenCL driver introduced in drivers starting with 375.57, as well as some improvements to error handling codes.

While a slight reduction in performance may be observed, this performance regression should be eliminated when NVIDIA removes the hotfix in forthcoming driver updates.

There is a known issue that this release will, for some projects, print sporadic messages to the log due to a known visualizer bug:

05:34:52:WARNING:FS01:Size of positions 64914 does not match topology 19

This issue does not affect the quality of the science, and a workaround is already in testing for v0.0.19, which we hope to release in a week.

Thank you all for your patience.


Kindly report issues here:

~ The FAH Core 21 crew